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GR Services specializes in Construction to interior designing of residential, commercial & office spaces. Founder Ghanshyam Sarda, qualified Civil engineer with Interior designing. He has more than a decade of working in Construction & designing experience. In 2019 he took an important decision of his career to pursue his own dream initiative of innovation in construction & Design with excellence and entrepreneurship services in Kolkata, the City of Joy & Heritage of Culture & tradition.


Commercial design has a positive correlation with the overall comfort, performance, and efficiency of workers. This is the reason why people who own their own companies see the need for good architectural design as well as interiors and to achieve this; they hire professional architects and interior designers.


Considering that some individuals spend a good amount of time at the office than they do in their house, it is important for you to make your workplace inspiring, practical and comfortable for staff members. We ensure to make the office attractive enough so employees can give the best of their caliber.


While residential scheme is a kind of interior concept, the works that are involved include the early progression of house building. Our team includes architect, interior designer, and also engineer at the similar time. So it doesn’t only have need of concept and makeover, but also construction of the private home.

Products & Services

We ensure the perfect interior decoration that plays a significant role in maintaining comfortable zone at home.

Why Choose Us

If the term such as crisp, clean, modern is what you are looking out in your interior decoration then, GRSERVICES is your solution. Decorating your house in a contemporary manner requires a lot of thought and you need to be ready to go contemporary.

Being in the industry for so many years we understand that it is vital for you to analyze before you go ahead and decide to choose interior decoration. You need to clearly ensure if this is what you want. Call us or visit us to identify the decorating style that suits you best and if the contemporary style makes you comfortable.

Some of the major reasons our clients trust on us:

  • We provide proper planning according to your budget

We provide tips and ideas about how to decor your home with different designs. We also deliver relevant information about the interior design tips and give an idea about home décor within your budget.

  • Our expert designer save your money and time

If you’re not satisfied with the look of a room, it’s time to renovate. Whether you decide to completely remodel the room or not, it takes a lot of time and money. We ensure proper planning that not only save your valuable time but also curb unnecessary expenditure.

  • Our expert assist you to find out architectural flaws

Whether you are redesigning your current space or you want to create a new well designed room, we will guide you to understand all the architectural flaws in your room and help you to rectify it. Our commercial interior design ideas work well to create perfect interior. As Interior plays vital role in creating the recharged and creative environment in your room.

  • Professional evaluation

We ensure that you can market your place with the perfect value. Our experienced eye ensure the right price of your home so that you do not fall under false impression of any fake middle men while evaluating the price of your home.

  • Choosing the perfect design to suit your personality

One of the most important reasons that our clients choose us on top of others is because we do provide the exact interior designs that suits your personality. Also we understand how much your room means to you and that is why we do not make any false commitments to attract customers.

  • Unique designs from the experts in the industry

We take pride in our unique designs, high quality and amazing architecture that allows it to stand ahead of what is offered by our competitors. We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs by meeting their rising demands, preferences and expectations. We love to undertake new challenge everyday to create something new and unique that will give you the best ambience in your stay and fulfils the basics of vastu, so that you and your family is protected from every negative energy.


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